Quality system

Carlo Bianchi's Board is committed to full fill the customer satisfaction in respect of the interest of employees, suppliers and owners of the company.
The Company has the following quality targets:
  • Involvement of all the employees in the continuous improvement of products and services offered;
  • Commitment in satisfying all requirements in the Quality management;
  • Making available to employees all the formation and information instruments needed to the continuous improvement;;
  • Countinuous feedback with customers referring to the quality satisfaction;
  • Turnover growth;
  • Maximum satisfaction of the parties reached with a constant reduction of complaints;;
  • Respect of contractual commitments;
  • Great attention to the comunication to the customer;
  • Assistance to the customer;
  • Use of the most modern techniques to support the customer, achieved through a continous updating of the formation activity of the management;
  • Full respect of occupational safety rules;
Our goal is:
  • Have an organization strongly focused on the cusomer needs;
  • Increase the effectiveness on the market;
  • In a very competitive market make the customer satisfaction the differentiating factor.
The board will establish the goals year by year in the Quality Plan and the information will be diffused at all levels inside the company.

Tha Quality Manual traduces in practice the company quality policy.

Download ISO Certificates:
ISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485:2016